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First Time Parents

This community was created for first time mommies and daddies

November 16th, 2007

well... maybe? @ 11:59 am

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This is your VERY absent co-moderator...with hopefully, FINALLY some baby news.. I'm actually posting in hopes that you wonderful ladies can tell me if any of this is familiar, it starts at the bottom:

11/17 woke up a bit naseous for a few minutes. kinda a little bit of heartburn? hard to swallow sorta feeling. skin is clearing a bit thank god.
took another ovulation test, -
still feeling tired after like 10 hours of sleep. and of course the twinges in the lower abdomen are here and there. mild, just noticable
I take it back, the nasea and heartburn are a bit more. growl.

11/16 nipples are erect .. which is not the case normally.. kind of tingly and sensitive the bumps on the areolas are a little more noticable and had metalic taste in mouth for a few hours in the afternoon.

11/14-11/17 sleeping through the night which never happens. Sleeping around 9-10 hours a night. And I like never sleep more than 5 or 6

11/15-11/16 tiny pangs/twinges in lower abdomen. mostly on left side but has been on both. not nessesarily painful, but definately a tad uncomfortable and odd.

11/17 took ovulation test, -
11/15 took ovulation test, -
11/13 took ovulation test, -
(according to the "chart" shouldn't ovulate until the 14th so one of those should have sensed a spike)

11/12-13 break out out of nowhere. Big one.

11/10-11/17 feeling kind of "full" in the lower abdomen. Warm abdomen, slightly firmer when you push on it. and heat coming from lower abdomen.

11/10-11/12ish tiny bits of pink/or brown spotting. very minor, but there

11/6-11/16 having tons of sex :)

10/31-11/3 period
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First Time Parents

This community was created for first time mommies and daddies